Personal Storage For Your Needs

The need for extra personal & business storage space in land-scarce Singapore is an obstacle that we perpetually struggle to overcome.  Apart from wanting the space to keep our belongings, we also desire it to be under our conditions and in our control. Just like as if it was part of our own home, we wouldn’t want to be restricted on when and how we choose to put it to use.

Ever pondered how you accumulated so much clutter around the house? An unused fan stands in a corner, a looming cupboard crams the hallway, old bicycles turn rusty from prolonged sitting in the balcony, and you realised that any free space in the house had been occupied by objects collected throughout your life.

Isn’t it great if you could keep the clutter of your sentimental things out of sight and out of mind? A personal storage unit is your answer to ridding of the mess in your home while safe-keeping your possessions! Packing away your items in a safe and secure place offers the benefit of creating a neat and clutter-free home so that the items that you hold dear would not end up frustrating you as they pervade the space of relaxation in your home.

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Family heirlooms are able to be securely and safely stored in a unit with climate-control, leaving you with a peace of mind, assured that your things would not be damaged as a consequence of Singapore’s humid weather, rather than getting dusty and occupying space in a corner. We can even provide lodging for your grandmother’s antique grand piano in an unit that is air-conditioned, rather than let it dominate a space that could have been better used for dining with the family. Self-storage enables you to ease up more space and create more room, fashioning your home into a clutter-free and tidy environment to live, free from the mess of your acquired possessions.

Being able to store your belongings in a clean and secured place allows you the freedom of sustaining a clean and neat home. It is human nature to want to buy and collect sentimental items of all sorts throughout life’s journey, which you might not need to have by your side every day. Thus personal storage rental brings about the possibility of having a tidy home again while granting you with the assurance that your possessions are stored away safely.

Luckily, those needs can be now be satisfied with The Storage Place’s Self-storage spaces.

Other than providing you with space, our company makes it a point to deduce the unique storage needs of everyone and promising that you would not be forced into a permanent storage unit for a definite lease term.

Consequently, The Storage Place enables you to:

–            Rent a space that suits your needs

–            Remain for as temporal as a fortnight or even permanently

–            Get comprehensive consultations from staff concerned about what you need

–            Be assured that your belongings are safe under the watch of our security systems

–            Move in right away or set aside a storage unit for future needs

–            Head down as frequently as you like, whenever  you like