01. What does Self-Storage mean?    

Self-storage provides an affordable storage place for businesses and people with flexible durations ranging from one month to as long as you want. Self-storage supplies DIY storage spaces for businesses, families and even individuals.

This allows homes to be free of clutter, businesses can have more space to expand and our clients can be assured that their belongings are stored securely with 24 hours accessibility.

Our storage facilities are chic, clean, and brightly-lit coupled with 24-hour security surveillance, not to mention a code access system permitting our clients convenient access to their own storage unit, every day, all year round. Customers are able to rent a self-contained, private storage unit and even secure the room with their very own padlock.

Our self storage facility provides a wide category of different storage units, granting our clients with the ability to rent a space with a size that meets their needs. The spaces on our facilities range from small walk-in storage rooms that can only store a small number of boxes, to large lockers for backpackers and students, to even bigger units that can hold bulky furniture or stock inventories. As long the storage spaces are available, you are able to upsize or downsize the storage spaces whenever required.

02. How does Self-Storage work? And how does it differ from warehouses?  

As compared to conventional storage, self-storage gives you the freedom of renting a space that is the most appropriate for you, so you won’t have to fork out for more space than you require.

Previously, business and individual clients had to depend heavily on big storage organizations and removal companies to store their inventories, but had no flexibility, limited access, and only long-term contracts. As the market for self-storage progresses, more alternatives are provided for your storage needs.

03. What does a self-storage facility consist of? 

Self-storage facilities at The Storage Place include some of the features mentioned below:

–          Free parking or public rate parking

–          Unlimited all day, all year round accessibility via our secured pin-code access system

–          24-hour security surveillance

–          Free usage of trolleys

–          Retail store that supplies your packing needs

–          Helpful staff there to assist whenever needed

–          Termination notice is only required 1 month beforehand

–          Upsizing or downsizing does not incur a penalty

04. What am I allowed to store?    

Our customers are allowed to store close to anything. Some examples include books, documents, commercial stock, wine, antiques, furniture, sports equipment, building materials, collectibles or anything bulky that you do not use often at home or in the office, etc…

Unsure if your items are permitted for storage at our facility? Just contact any of our helpful staff as it is our pleasure to assist you.

05. What am I not allowed to store?   

Objects that do not adhere to the safety requirements are not permitted into our storage facility. These items include:

–          Haphazard materials such as flammable and explosives goods

–          Decomposable items such as exposed food

–          Livestock such as plants and animals

–          Illegal or stolen goods such as firearms, drugs etc.

06. How frequent can I access my store and what is the cost for access?

You can access your unit every day, all year round, so you can remove or add anything into your storage room as and when required. We do not charge for access.