Our company provides storage spaces measured by the month and logistical services measured by the volume/weight. Having said so, we became the competitor of self storage entities in Singapore.
Majority of our units are measured 40 square feet, with dimensions of 5 feet wide, 8 feet long and 7 feet in height with a 5 feet side access door. An 80 square feet storage is composed of 2 units, with 2 access doors. A 160 square feet storage is composed of 4 units, with 4 access doors. There are also 20 square feet and 10 square feet units. Upon loading in, the storage units are sealed and locked for us to safe keep like bank security boxes.

Our logistic team provide site-to-warehouse and warehouse back to site removal service. Our storage units serve as measurements of the total removal volume.

At the store, we sell packing and moving accessories and supplies.