How Much Storage Space You Need?

For simple household, 2 bedrooms’ item fits into 40 square feet, 3 bedrooms’ item fits into 60 square feet and 4 bedrooms’ fit into 80 square feet.  However, full scale and bulky size furniture may almost double the above figure.  We suggest that you imagine double stacking furniture into the common bedroom and see if all fit in.  If so, the size is 80 square feet.

The most efficient approach is to walk around and list all household and furniture and either email or read the list to our customer service.  As you proceed with the boxing of small items, the final number of 50cm x 40cm x 40cm carton boxes can also be estimated.  A 40 square feet storage can accommodate 50 boxes.  Based on the list and number of boxes, we can usually give a fairly good estimation on the size of storage needed for business or personal.

Storage Rental Fee Guideline:

We offer all sizes of storages and our rents are significantly lower:

mobile storage cube
Please read our guide for storage rental for more details.